Welcome to AIM²...

  • Accurate . Independent . Measurements.
  • Providing you with the most accurate on site methods to measure and verify the area of your lease agreements and properties.
  • Optimise your income. Accurately.
  • Certify your lease agreement. Independently.
  • A measured approach to your rent roll.
  • Utilising the latest in measurement technology and CAD drawings,the accuracy obtained with on site measurements far surpasses that of any off plan measurement.
  • A guaranteed turn around time for completion adds to your peace of mind.
  • Single lease agreements or entire portfolios welcome.
  • New built property,existing lease renewals and area disputes all benefit from our service. All measurements are based on the SAPOA Method of Measurement.

About Us:

With more than 12 yrs experience in retail and commercial architecture, we now offer this unique service in the South African property market. We understand the need for accuracy surrounding lease agreements.

From on site measurement to final area verification, every process is handled by one individual which ensures accuracy and accountability.

This level of accuracy and independence is available to any tenant or landlord.